Why you need an FAA licensed drone pilot!

Why you need an FAA licensed drone pilot!

There are so many reasons to hire an FAA licensed drone pilot vs. a recreational pilot, especially for your next project. Recreational drone pilots lack the knowledge and expertise needed when working on a commercial project. A licensed drone pilot must pass what is known as a Part 107 exam. The exam covers numerous topics including regulations, airspace, weather, airport operations, and more. With a licensed pilot you get:

  • the ability to fly higher (including in FAA controlled airspace)
  • the ability to fly at night in controlled airspace
  • more confident and skilled control of the drone
  • greater options for how and where you can shoot, including from a moving vehicle, over people and cars, taller buildings and much more
  • oh and one more thing, it’s completely LEGAL.

So if you are needing some drone footage or imagery for your next project keep us in mind! We have a fully licensed drone pilot on staff and he’s one heck of a videographer/photographer!

Yes! I need a licensed drone pilot!

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