Top 5 Reasons to Create a Custom Holiday Card

Top 5 Reasons to Create a Custom Holiday Card

The holidays are coming quickly. Have you thought about your holiday card for this year? Instead of buying some generic box of greeting cards why not create a custom card? Here are five top reasons you should create a custom holiday card for your clients.

1. It shows you really care. When you take the time to work with a designer to create something that really speaks to who you and your business is, people will be delighted to receive a card like that.

2. It’s cheaper than you think. If you have a solid idea in mind, then working with a designer is much easier. The easier the process, the cheaper the final cost will be.

3. Depending on your budget, you can add all types of flair to your card, foils and embossing, if done early enough even a die cut is possible (though that does cost more).

4. A well designed card could be a sought after prize for your clients every year. Build stronger relationships with your clients by showing that you care enough to personalize your holiday greetings.

5. You get to show off a little. It’s nice to impress people every once in a while, don’t you think? A beautifully designed holiday card can do just that.

Whether you’ve never created a custom card or have done so in the past we would love to assist you!

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