Why You Should Hire a Corporate Videographer

Why You Should Hire a Corporate Videographer

There are many reasons why you should hire a corporate videographer. Here are a few of the most important ones:

  • To capture your company’s story. A corporate video can be a powerful way to tell your company’s story and connect with your audience. It can be used to introduce your company, showcase your products or services, or share your company’s values.
  • To generate leads and sales. A well-produced corporate video can be a great way to generate leads and sales. It can be used to promote your products or services, educate potential customers, or build relationships with key decision-makers.
  • To improve employee morale. A corporate video can be a great way to improve employee morale. It can be used to celebrate employee accomplishments, share company news, or simply show employees that they are appreciated.
  • To build brand awareness. A great way to build brand awareness using corporate video. It can be used to introduce your company to a new audience, or to remind existing customers about your brand.
  • To position your company as an industry leader. A well-produced corporate video can help you position your company as an industry leader. It can be used to showcase your company’s expertise, innovation, and commitment to excellence.

Here are some specific examples of how corporate videographers can be used:

  • Product launch: A corporate videographer can capture the excitement of a product launch, from the first glimpse of the product to the reactions of customers. This footage can be used to create a promotional video that will generate excitement and interest in the product.
  • Trade show: A corporate videographer can capture the highlights of a trade show, from the exhibitor booths to the keynote speakers. This footage can be used to create a video that will showcase your company’s participation in the trade show and its commitment to innovation.
  • Conference: A corporate videographer can capture the key moments of a conference, from the opening remarks to the breakout sessions. This footage can be used to create a video that will share the insights and learnings from the conference with a wider audience.

If you are looking for a way to improve your company’s marketing and communications efforts, then hiring a corporate videographer is a great option. A professional videographer can help you create a video that is both informative and engaging, and that will help you achieve your business goals.

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Perks of Using a Studio

Perks of Using a Studio

There are many advantages to using a professional studio for your next shoot. Here are the top three:

1. Controlled Environment – a primary reason to use a studio is the absolute control you have over the environment. You set up lighting, backgrounds, and props all to the specifications you need. You control it all from the A/C to who is allowed on set.

2. Convenience – everything you need for a successful shoot is at your fingertips. Equipment is already in the studio, from light stands to backdrops. If you run into any issues we have a professional photographer/videographer on staff to assist you.

3. Efficiency – when you rent space every minute counts, so you’ll be more likely to stay on schedule. With the added bonus of your equipment needs being met, you’ll spend less time unloading and loading your own.

If you’re in need of studio space, give us a call or drop us a line. We’d love to work with you!

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3 Ps for Your Best Headshot

3 Ps for Your Best Headshot

Having a current and flattering headshot is a must in today’s market. Let’s face it, presenting yourself in the best possible light will benefit you in so many ways. A great headshot can help you stand out from the crowd. As the field gets more crowded, standing out is an extra boost. Here are the three Ps to help you get your best headshot.


    • Go to a Professional. A professional photographer will definitely assist you in getting the best photograph. Photographers have the knowledge and experience with lighting to make sure you look your best.
    • Show your Personality. A headshot doesn’t have to be super corporate and buttoned down. Use this opportunity to let your personality show a bit. This in turn could help you stand out from other more traditional headshots.
    • Make a good first imPression. A headshot is often the first impression people get before meeting you. A quality headshot will show your professionalism and personality. A picture speaks volumes.

These are just some quick ideas to keep in mind when making a professional headshot. Do you have any suggestions? Let us know by filling out the contact form below!

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Top 5 Reasons to Create a Custom Holiday Card

Top 5 Reasons to Create a Custom Holiday Card

The holidays are coming quickly. Have you thought about your holiday card for this year? Instead of buying some generic box of greeting cards why not create a custom card? Here are five top reasons you should create a custom holiday card for your clients.

1. It shows you really care. When you take the time to work with a designer to create something that really speaks to who you and your business is, people will be delighted to receive a card like that.

2. It’s cheaper than you think. If you have a solid idea in mind, then working with a designer is much easier. The easier the process, the cheaper the final cost will be.

3. Depending on your budget, you can add all types of flair to your card, foils and embossing, if done early enough even a die cut is possible (though that does cost more).

4. A well designed card could be a sought after prize for your clients every year. Build stronger relationships with your clients by showing that you care enough to personalize your holiday greetings.

5. You get to show off a little. It’s nice to impress people every once in a while, don’t you think? A beautifully designed holiday card can do just that.

Whether you’ve never created a custom card or have done so in the past we would love to assist you!

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Why you need an FAA licensed drone pilot!

Why you need an FAA licensed drone pilot!

There are so many reasons to hire an FAA licensed drone pilot vs. a recreational pilot, especially for your next project. Recreational drone pilots lack the knowledge and expertise needed when working on a commercial project. A licensed drone pilot must pass what is known as a Part 107 exam. The exam covers numerous topics including regulations, airspace, weather, airport operations, and more. With a licensed pilot you get:

  • the ability to fly higher (including in FAA controlled airspace)
  • the ability to fly at night in controlled airspace
  • more confident and skilled control of the drone
  • greater options for how and where you can shoot, including from a moving vehicle, over people and cars, taller buildings and much more
  • oh and one more thing, it’s completely LEGAL.

So if you are needing some drone footage or imagery for your next project keep us in mind! We have a fully licensed drone pilot on staff and he’s one heck of a videographer/photographer!

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