How to Write an Effective Press Release

How to Write an Effective Press Release

A press release is an official summary given to the media to notify of news, make a statement or announce an event. A good press release includes important facts, dates, products or services and messaging. It should tell the media why what you’re doing is important and why they should share the story.

Include the following for a good press release:

  • Short, concise title – should immediately let readers know why they should care
  • Subhead – summarize the information that follows
  • Location – don’t forget to include where you are writing about
  • Important details – try to stay to the point but give more details about the topic of the press release
  • Bulleted list – use this to support your statements with statistics or other pertinent information
  • Quotes – make sure to include quotes that can be used in an article
  • Contact Information – include phone number and email address so that a reporter can follow up with you

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Why you need an FAA licensed drone pilot!

Why you need an FAA licensed drone pilot!

There are so many reasons to hire an FAA licensed drone pilot vs. a recreational pilot, especially for your next project. Recreational drone pilots lack the knowledge and expertise needed when working on a commercial project. A licensed drone pilot must pass what is known as a Part 107 exam. The exam covers numerous topics including regulations, airspace, weather, airport operations, and more. With a licensed pilot you get:

  • the ability to fly higher (including in FAA controlled airspace)
  • the ability to fly at night in controlled airspace
  • more confident and skilled control of the drone
  • greater options for how and where you can shoot, including from a moving vehicle, over people and cars, taller buildings and much more
  • oh and one more thing, it’s completely LEGAL.

So if you are needing some drone footage or imagery for your next project keep us in mind! We have a fully licensed drone pilot on staff and he’s one heck of a videographer/photographer!

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