5 Questions with Shannon Patterson

What’s your favorite color?  turquoise

Who is your favorite Avenger?  Come on, that’s a no brainer, it’s Captain America!

What are some of your hobbies?  Photography, painting, cross stitching, needlepoint, making stuff in general

What inspires you about your job?  I love that I can learn a completely new skill in one day for a project and then turn around and build on those skills even more. I love the problem solving aspect of our work.

Do you have any advice for newbies to our field?  Keep an open mind. Never stop learning because our field changes so quickly with new technology and new ways to communicate.


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5 Questions with Jeff Harrison

1. What is your favorite color?  Blue

2. Who is your favorite photographer?  Elliott Erwitt

3. What are some of your hobbies?   Photography, cars, music, wood working and cooking

4. What inspires you about your job?  Getting to work with creative teams to make new things. I also, really enjoy hearing people’s stories that I interview, especially working with non-profits.

5. Do you have any advice for newbies to our field?  Get plugged in with AAF or AIGA and build your network. Our business is collaborative.


Thanks, Jeff! If you want to learn more about Jeff, drop us a line!

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Perks of Using a Studio

There are many advantages to using a professional studio for your next shoot. Here are the top three:

1. Controlled Environment – a primary reason to use a studio is the absolute control you have over the environment. You set up lighting, backgrounds, and props all to the specifications you need. You control it all from the A/C to who is allowed on set.

2. Convenience – everything you need for a successful shoot is at your fingertips. Equipment is already in the studio, from light stands to backdrops. If you run into any issues we have a professional photographer/videographer on staff to assist you.

3. Efficiency – when you rent space every minute counts, so you’ll be more likely to stay on schedule. With the added bonus of your equipment needs being met, you’ll spend less time unloading and loading your own.

If you’re in need of studio space, give us a call or drop us a line. We’d love to work with you!

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3 Ps for Your Best Headshot

3 Ps for Your Best Headshot

Having a current and flattering headshot is a must in today’s market. Let’s face it, presenting yourself in the best possible light will benefit you in so many ways. A great headshot can help you stand out from the crowd. As the field gets more crowded, standing out is an extra boost. Here are the three Ps to help you get your best headshot.


    • Go to a Professional. A professional photographer will definitely assist you in getting the best photograph. Photographers have the knowledge and experience with lighting to make sure you look your best.
    • Show your Personality. A headshot doesn’t have to be super corporate and buttoned down. Use this opportunity to let your personality show a bit. This in turn could help you stand out from other more traditional headshots.
    • Make a good first imPression. A headshot is often the first impression people get before meeting you. A quality headshot will show your professionalism and personality. A picture speaks volumes.

These are just some quick ideas to keep in mind when making a professional headshot. Do you have any suggestions? Let us know by filling out the contact form below!

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