1. What is your favorite color? I just have one problem…my favorite color was always red…the stinking republicans have ruined that for me!! Now I’m gonna have to say blue.

2. Who is your favorite potter? Is Brian Nettles gonna see this? Cause I have a new fave…Marilyn Palsha in Chapel Hill.

3. What are some of your hobbies? Nutrition, pottery, walking, a little guitar pickin’ 

4. What inspires you about your job? When I am asked to help a client create a measurable impact on a definable market,  I am initially inspired by our interaction as together we define their objectives, plan their budgets and develop their timelines.Then I enjoy digging into research to uncover factors that are relevant, maybe even surprising, in the process of developing fresh ideas and communication strategies to accomplish their goals. Deep down inside, I am an old-fashioned hands-on craft person. I am stimulated by the push and pull of tools and the medium…and this is true even in the digital world.

5. Do you have any advice for newbies to our field? Get really comfortable with change, it’s only going to keep coming faster.

Thank you, Bonnie! If you would like to learn more about what Bonnie does at Transmedia, drop us a line!

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